Flagstaff Tennis Program



We try to give special mention to certain junior players that we feel have stood out in their classes over the last few months. This special mention is based on a number of different things - improvement, hustle, listening to coaching, sportsmanship and positive attitude. We can't emphasize enough how strongly we feel that these traits are more important than any score on the court ever will be!

Choosing the recipients for this award is always tough, there are so many deserving candidates. We feel fortunate that we are able to work with such an outstanding group of junior and adult players! We have had many people come in and help with teaching the classes over the last few years and every helper has commented on how nice everyone is and how there really are never any problems on the court. Thanks to everyone for making our job so enjoyable!

The following juniors are the ones that we have chosen to receive this award - great job to all of you!